Chow Down In Milwaukee

Restaurant Reviews

Chow Down In Milwaukee strives to inform the public of the various ethnic food options in the community as well as restaurants newer to the Milwaukee area. Since our city has recently flourished with more and more food trucks, Chow Down also travels around Milwaukee to try these new and innovative creations. Ever wonder what a Poke Bowl is or what Thai food is like? Chow Down In Milwaukee has the answer.




Amanda Landowski


I’ve lived in Milwaukee my entire life and love everything this eclectic city has to offer. Combined with the multitude of different restaurants in the area, my passion for good, natural food, and soon a Bachelors in Journalism, starting Chow Down In Milwaukee was a no-brainer. It all started after writing my first review for Urban Milwaukee and from there, I created my own review column.


Recently, Chow Down has expanded, reaching all sides of Milwaukee and adding new contributors. I am excited to share our impressions, our thoughts and experiences with the community and hope to illuminate the hidden gems Milwaukee has to offer. 



Neil Panosian

Neil Panosian is the award-winning author of the book A Happy Life for Busy People. He is also the creator of the motivational website Before launching his literary career, Mr. Panosian was in the customer service field for over two decades, including 23 years as a bartender and several years as a cook. Neil enjoys searching for unique places with tasty cuisine and exceptional customer service.