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Crumbl Cookies Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Introducing, Crumbl Cookies - the newest place in our North Shore to satisfy your sweet tooth. From classic and nostalgic cookies, to over-the-top, unique creations, Crumbl Cookies has perfected the best Chocolate Chip Cookie and continually imagines knew recipes that are unveiled weekly.

The North Shore location is on the corner of Lydell Avenue and Bayshore Drive in Glendale, on the outskirts of Bayshore Town Center. Their Grand Opening was Thursday, June 9th; this was the 10th location to open that day and the 500th Crumbl Cookie Store in the company!

Crumbl Cookies was started in 2017 when the founder made batch after batch of chocolate chip cookies, determined to perfect it. He started driving around Utah State, selling his delectable and gathering feedback, tweaking the recipe along the way. Word spread like wildfire through TikTok and other social media that these cookies were something everyone should try!

Now, 5 years later, there are Crumbl Cookies nationwide – and they’re not stopping there. Crumbl Cookies’ goal is to open another 2000 stores within the next year. Other locations around our area and further out include: Oak Creek, Grafton, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Appleton – just to name a few. In August, the plan is to have two more Crumbl Cookies opening in Green Bay and Greendale.

I can’t speak for other locations, but the last few times I’ve visited this one, the Crumbl Cookie team is always so inviting and bubbly. As you walk in, the team synchronizes a large “Welcome to Crumbl Cookies” with smiles everywhere. Since the store was designed to be utilized as a grab-and-go style place, there is no seating available. The tradeoff is quite nice though, because when you’re ordering or waiting for your cookies, you can see the team hard at work making dough, rolling balls, moving around, decorating, etc. It’s an interesting, multi-step process and to see a team work so well together can be impressive, too.


The week of their Grand opening, I tried their Snickerdoodle and Pancake cookies. One of my three favorite cookies is a Snickerdoodle, so needless to say, I was extremely excited! First of all, I was simply amazed at the size of the cookies – they’re dang near the size of my face (not head). Then, before I even tasted them, I was shocked again at the weight of these cookies.

The Snickerdoodle was a soft, sugar and cinnamon cookie. It was super moist, almost like a cake but a bit denser. The creamy cinnamon frosting definitely reminded me of cupcake frosting but a bit thicker. The whole cookie was a sugary flavor bomb with just noticeable hints of cinnamon, which I really enjoyed. If I wasn’t so full after one, I would have had another.

The Pancake one was almost opposite from the Snickerdoodle. Maybe my subconscious saw the tray of options the store always has laid out, and decided to go for two totally different types. This Pancake cookie was just as big and near as heavy. The difference was that the cookie was thinner, but much more solid. I, personally, love a soft cookie and don’t care for crunchy ones. The Pancake one was a bit crumbly and had a crispy outer. The cookie itself wasn’t as sweet but somehow it captured the flavor of what a pancake tastes like. The topping was thin like the cookie, I believe a maple icing of a sort which was a great compliment to the cookie. Between the nice flavor of the pancake and the sweet maple icing on top, this was overall a good cookie.

EVERY Sunday night at 7 P.M., the Crumbl Cookie flavors for the following week are announced via one of their many platforms including Facebook, the Crumbl App, their website, and on various other social media.

They posted on Sunday, June 12th, that this week’s flavors are: M&M, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Peachy-O Sugar, Krispy Bar, Twix Caramel Shortbread, and Chocolate Chip (the one that is available every week).


This cookie was an airy, crumbly peanut butter cookie with melted peanut butter and chocolate on top. The cookie would have been good by itself, then you top it with more peanut butter and add chocolate to the mix. Top it off with crushed Reese’s and you’ve got a winner. Grab yourself a large glass of milk because you’re going to need it. Better yet, grab some of Crumbl Cookies’ ice cream to sweeten the deal!


This was a thick, dense and hearty sugar cookie, very much like the Snickerdoodle cookie was. I loved the simplicity of the cookie and then the attractive subtly sweet peach flavor in the frosting. This cookie could certainly be considered a meal in itself, it was that substantial.


Guess what? It tastes like a Twix! Immidiately I noticed the difference in texture of the caramel and chocolate topping. It’s amazing how they kept the caramel goey while creating a hard chocolate layer on top. Just like the candy bar, the shortbread cookie is used as the based, a very conscious decision there – well made. This is a glorified, spot-on replica of a childhood favorite candy bar.

Krispy Bar

“But I don’t want a cookie,” said almost no one ever. Next to the cookie though, is another nostalgic treat from way back when – the Krispy Bar. This Krispy “Bar” is still shaped like a cookie, but it doesn’t have the dough. Nope, it’s a Krispy treat through and through; but this one you will never forget. Crumbl Cookies’ Krispy Bar is so ooey, goey and probably because of the tons of marshmallow that are in these. It’s not hard at all, simply moldable, foldable, bendable goodness; like straight from the pan when mom would make them.


Because there’s a chuck full amount of M&M’s in every cookie, you’re sure to get M&M’s in every bite! Bits and whole M&M’s fill this thick mound of a cookie while still keeping it’s soft, chewy texture. It’s the perfect combination of a moist and crumbly cookie.

Chocolate Chip

The cookie that started it all – it’s no wonder it stays on the menu all year long. It’s a great, old fashioned, perfectly done cookie. The browning at the end gives this cookie a slight crisp as you bite in to it. Then, suddenly the soft, smooth inside goodness hits you with warm morsels of chocolate chunks. Since this cookie is served warm, I recommend enjoying it right away – as if you would wait.


Stop in tomorrow, Friday June 17th for a FREE Chocolate Chip cookie! All you have to do is download the Crumbl Cookie app, go to the store and show them you have it on your phone and they will give you a free Chocolate Chip cookie! ONE DAY ONLY, so don’t miss out!!

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