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Pizza and Pasta at Pizano's

Fresh ingredients, great hospitality, and a hearty portion are just some of the things you may look for in an Italian eatery. I found those things and more at Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta.

The brand-new location in Milwaukee is located in the heart of downtown on the kiddie corner of Juneau & Water St and I must say the establishment looks great. From a full-service bar, private rooms for parties, and even red and white checkered table clothes, this place definitely has an old school Italian restaurant vibe, with a nice modern touch.

Originally from Chicago, the chain has now made its way up to the “Brew City “. This past weekend  tried  some of Chicago’s famous pie. Accompanying my glass of the house Chardonnay was their famous Chicago style deep dish pizza. I had a pizza topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, and Canadian bacon; what can I say I’m a meat lover.

Coming in with no expectations I will definitely say that the pizza was appetizing. It was nice and cheesy, cooked just right, and the presentation was authentic. We ordered the small which can feed one to two people; it was definitely filling.

I for sure plan to pay this place another visit and try more of the other delicious sounding food they offer including their pasta dishes. I recommend anyone who likes good pizza to check out Pizano’s Pizza and Pasta.

Jamal Perry

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