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It's National Mac and Cheese Day - Let's Get Cheesy!

Today, July 14th, is National Macaroni and Cheese Day! Also known as mac and cheese, this dish has long been considered one of America’s top comfort foods and has been enjoyed in almost every household since the early 19th century.

Do you see those cheese commercials for California cheese? Well, did you know that Wisconsin produces the most cheese of all the states, and produces more than double than that of California? Sure, we’re not France, but Wisconsin still produces 600 varieties of cheese.

Probably the easiest and the most popular way Americans enjoy their cheese is through the comfort dish, macaroni and cheese. Noodles, cheese, maybe some milk and seasonings – but there are countless ways of making macaroni and cheese and Wisconsin does just that.

Milwaukee has the privilege of hosting many restaurants that serve mac and cheese as a side, or put it on pizza, or even specialize in creating signature mac and cheese concoctions. Some of these include, Comet Café, Noodles and Co., Ian’s Pizza, Triskele’s, East Town Kitchen and Bar, and Grate Modern Mac and Cheese who works with Renard’s Cheese and Sassy Cow Creamery.

At Grate Modern Mac and Cheese, if you come in on National Mac and Cheese Day, you will get the chance to enter to win a free catering bar experience from Grate Catering. Some of Grate’s mac and cheese dishes include a cheesy twice baked potato mac, a buffalo, a Nacho mac, a pizza mac, the Wisconsin and more. They supply also their classic mac and cheese along with a Mexican street corn mac, which are both vegetarian, and also offers a gluten free mac dish.

Comet Café’s social media manager, Ed Subias, says, “Our Mac and Cheese is made to order and covered with so much cheese, it nearly creates a cheese shortage in Wisconsin!” Comet Café is located on Milwaukee East side at 1947 N. Farwell Avenue.

At Triskele’s, their classic mac and cheese is always on the menu. You can choose from any combination of Wisconsin Cheddar, Goat Cheese and/or Gorgonzola. “The most popular is the Mac and all 3 Cheeses,” says Lynn Winter, co-owmner and manager. “Our mac is a bit unique in that each dish is prepared individually and finished off in the oven. Folks can also add Roasted Chicken Thigh or Grilled Polish Sausage. We also do different Mac preparations for specials. One of those, which is one of Head Chef and co-owner JoLinda’s favorites is Mac and Cheese with Gorgonzola, Fresh Rosemary and Cabernet Reduction.” This one isn’t always on the menu, but if requested, Jo will always do it if she can.

Show your love of cheese today by grabbing some comforting mac and cheese at any of these restaurant. Or, you can simply make grandma’s signature baked mac and cheese that’s been past down. Either way, let’s get cheesy. Take a selfie with your mac and say CHEESE!


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