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Lala's Place.. Si, Si, Por Favor!

In the small town of Cudahy lies a little piece of Mexico that doesn't beckon the larger cities but is more of a resemblance of a smaller village straight out of Mexico. Lala’s Place, located at 3470 E. Layton Avenue,  is a small cafe which seats about 25 people- and yet the parking lot only has 8 slots. When you enter, it feels like you’ve drifted into a small rural village in Mexico.

You are met by a hostess that calls all of her customers "sweetie". When you are seated, the hostess hands you a menu and gives the customer two types of salsa along with chips which are freshly made and have a light crisp texture. If one desires to have an adult beverage of their choosing, there is also a small bar.

I ordered two enchiladas and one chimichanga which came with beans and rice. The service is quick and the platter was brought out in 20 minutes. I watched them cook in back from my table; all of the food was made fresh which is hard to find these days.

The enchilada's had a lot of cheese and sauce over them and very fine beef with onion inside. The different flair was a tiny bit of carrots and potatoes which gave it that special taste. The chimichanga is of regular size but packs an awesome taste to it. The great thing about the food is that it was not very spicy like other foods of Mexico but had a blend of spices that gave it an awesome taste.

When I was eating, I looked at the light above me and noticed the bulbs were the same colors of Mexico - which made me wonder for a second if I was really in Mexico. When the check was brought to me, the hostess again said “have a good day sweetie!”

By: Phillip Kowalski

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