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Like visiting Grandmas

Andrea's is a family restaurant with wholesomeness in the heart of Cudahy. The cashier informed me that Andrea's was established in 2009. This is a down to earth restaurant that has economical prices with  four-square meals that the whole family can enjoy without burning your pocketbook.

This restaurant was once a ponderosa but carried on the same values with great prices. Andrea's, located at 5921 south Packard Avenue, is one of the great finds tucked away in a smaller area. When you walk into Andrea's, a smile and handshake will meet you creating a sense of warm atmosphere. 

All meals come with soup or salad, a breadbasket, along with a dessert - none of which are priced higher than $15.

I ordered the broiled fish which was very moist, not dried out at all and was seasoned with butter and herbs. I chose the Cream of Chicken soup and that was very rich and creamy in taste. The bread that was served is freshly made and very fluffy tasting. Finally, the cheesecake - it was quite moist, almost giving a taste of an old-fashioned cheese torte.

The macaroni and cheese was very creamy made fresh with noodles plus rich cheddar cheese. They gave a large bowl of macaroni and cheese.

In addition, crab cakes were ordered which were the biggest crab cakes I have ever seen. They gave two crab cakes which would be enough for two people and they both had more crab than stuffing. Usually one gets more stuffing than crab, but this was not the case at Andrea's. The crab cakes came with a hollandaise sauce that made them an extra special. In addition, the meal came with hash browns that were very crispy made to order.

Our next entrée we tried was duck with potatoes and stuffing which were smooth and moist. The duck was very large in size, tender, and meaty. It seemed to be charbroiled and seasoned with butter, and herbs. In fact the duck was almost enough for two people. Believe me when I say no one will walk away from the table hungry and will be coming back.

The service is the best; they work extremely hard on making your experience great so that everyone comes back for more. You will think you just visited grandma’s house.


By: Phillip

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