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Nite Owl - Get There Early!

Nite Owl is a family run business and has been around since 1948. It’s located at 830 E. Layton Avenue. There is nostalgia all over the walls, many old signs, even one of what was County Stadium. One can’t help but visualize the years that have gone by just through the posters and pictures on wall.

In addition, Nite Owl looks just like an old time malt Shoppe with just the basics. I remember in my college days a professor had a saying KISS, which meant “keep it simple stupid” and that is what has been done here. Even though there is no expensive decor in this place, it still works.

The mainstay here are the burgers and you can choose to either eat inside or take advantage of their walk up window. There was never a slow time while I was there;  people just kept coming for more.

One will spend anywhere from 12$ to 15$ dollars on lunch which seems a bit more expensive then normal, but the food is awesome. Nite Owl’s juicy burgers are big enough for two people and always made the way you want them. The fries are the hearty crinkle cut kind cooked to a golden brown. Other items the restaurant serves include chicken, the Italian patty and a grilled cheese.

Desserts and malts are old time variety plus malts are served in an old-time glass. Nite Owl is closed on Sundays and Mondays and on other days, as the owners son explained, they are open until the burgers are gone. He said the burgers are made fresh, so they only make so many for the day and when they run out that’s when they close. Usually, this is around 3:30 p.m. So don’t go too late or else you won’t get to eat. I suggest going inside because it’s fun to see all the nostalgia on the walls. This is a destination for any local, an out of town visitor, or any of you night owls out there.

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