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Senor Sol

Our review started by looking for an authentic ethnic restaurant around Milwaukee. We settled on Senor Sol, in West Allis, located at 8129 W Greenfield Avenue. Conveniently, there is parking in the back of the restaurant so you don’t have to look for street parking.

You can tell even before you enter the effort this place takes to set the atmosphere. There is a mural on the back wall of the restaurant where we entered. Although it is a bit weathered, it really started the experience off right.

Once in the back door we entered the back hall which contained another mural and lots of fun decorations. Upon entering the actual dining area, it wasn’t clear that we had to walk to the front of the restaurant. The place as a whole was spacious and clean. These are two very good traits when it comes to somewhere you choose to eat.

Upon sitting down the first thing you notice is how many wonderful decorations there are. This is done without feeling overcrowded. There was some ethnic music playing which, if you have read any of my past reviews, is very important to me, says Neil. Overall the atmosphere was very peaceful and serene.

We arrived at 1:35 in the afternoon on a Saturday, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t so busy. Overall, the service was prompt, maybe even somewhat rushed, but that’s better than waiting an endless amount of time for your server to get to you.

We started with our drinks. I figured since I was in a Mexican restaurant, I need to order a margarita. I decided on the strawberry margarita, blended. I really like that you get the option to have your margarita blended or on the rocks, and I also like that there are different flavors you can choose from.

My blended margarita had a strong strawberry taste, which is what I was hoping for. I was also pleased that I could actually taste the tequila in the margarita; it gave it a nice kick. Finally, I loved the blue colored sugar rim on the glass; it was a fancy, decorative and tasty touch.

For my beverage I ordered a regular margarita on the rocks. The lime flavor was a bit overwhelming in comparison to the tequila. As I mixed and drank more the taste evened out a little more.

We were not served water, which was strange, but like most Mexican restaurants, we were served chips and salsa right away. The chips had a shine of grease on them, making us feel they are homemade tortilla chips. They tasted light and crispy and were served with two salsas. One was a medium spiced salsa and the other was a fresh cucumber and tomato salsa, very refreshing. 

For an appetizer, we ordered the Vaquera Dip, a mixture of Chirizo, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers and anejo cheese. As the name states it’s considered a “dip” so we assumed we would get tortilla chips with it. Instead, we received 3 flour tortillas to make small tacos with the “dip”. That was a little shocking. We arm-wrestled for the last one and I am proud to say Amanda won.

It is served on a sizzling platter which smelled and looked amazing. The cheese was melted perfectly. The peppers were cooked to perfection. My only concern was that the chorizo wasn’t hot at all and was a little dry but it did have a good seasoning to it.

I chose the Enchiladas de Sol, with the option of shredded chicken. It was topped with a finely pureed verde sauce and lots of melted cheese. The chicken was juicy and tender, and shredded just right. The verde sauce had a thin consistancy and had a subtle flavor to it.The rice on the side was a tad dry, but I enjoyed the beans, for they were creamy, but still also had some chunks of beans in it. 

I ordered a combination plate which I thought gave me the best chance to sample as many things as I could. I ordered a pork burrito, a chicken enchilada and a beef taco. This came with rice and beans. Rice at Mexican restaurants is not usually my favorite. It tends to be too dry for me. This fit into that category. The beans however, had a great texture. There was a mix of refried beans along with whole beans. They also had a great flavor.

My Burrito was moist and filling. The pork had a good flavor and texture. The tortilla held together very well. I even took half home to my lovely Margie who regretfully could not make it to this review. The enchilada had a great red sauce on top and was again moist on the inside. The meat in the taco could have used a little more spice for my liking but was made wonderful with a little salsa added to it. I would order this very dish again except for all beans and no rice.

Senor sol is a fun and wonderful place to go for some quick Mexican food. I would certainly make this trip again.

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