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Tu Casa

Tu Casa is located at 3710 West Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee. When you arrive the spacious and well-decorated seating area is clean and offers many tables, even with social distancing. Right away we were greeted upon entering and shown to a large table.

Visiting Tu Casa has become a regular occurrence for my lovely Margie and I It is a hidden gem of sorts. Combining her addiction to Mexican cuisine and my passion for great service in a clean location, Tu Casa fits the bill perfectly. Tonight, we had the wonderful pleasure of being joined by our great friend Amanda.

Within minutes of being seated we were offered beverages of our choosing. Amanda and I both thought enjoying a warm cup of coffee on this cool evening sounded like a wise idea. Margie, on the other hand, ordered a Mangonada. It is one of their specialty drinks flavored with a mango puree, tequila and a spicy rim. Normally, you also receive a sucker with your drink but this evening they were temporarily out. Margie described the flavor as intensely mango with a backdrop of the sweet and spicy lime and chili seasoning.

Both of us have our regular favorites we order, but on this night decided to try something new. Margie choose the Lomo de Puerco en Salsa Verde. The menu describes it as pork in green sauce with rice and beans This is a deceptively simple description. The pork is thinly cut. To us it was slightly over cooked. The green sauce had a slight spice and a nice bright citrus lime taste to it. It was a great compliment to the pork. In addition to the rice and beans, you are given a small bit of salad on the plate as well.

I ordered Chicken Fajitas. I was excited because I have not ordered fajitas from a restaurant in this side of forever. The menu describes them as grilled chicken sauteed with bell peppers and onions. They come served with a plate featuring pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. You also have your choice of corn or flour tortillas. I chose flour today because I feel they do a lot more to hold the sauce inside. The presentation was wonderful as well as the aroma. The tortillas are so warm when you get them, they are almost hard to hold. The chicken was extremely juicy and very tender. I would have enjoyed a little more spice, but it is safe for those concerned about having too much. I would love to try the steak next time.

Amanda started with the Tortilla Soup. The queso fresco and avocado provides a rich and smooth texture to the palate. I was hoping the fried tortilla strips would give the soup a crunch factor, but it didn’t. It was served quite hot, and the aroma emitting from the steam smelled just as good as it tasted.

As her main dish, Amanda ordered the Enchiladas Mineras, which is three enchiladas covered in a guajillo & ancho sauce, topped with all the fixings: cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and avocado. You had three choices of enchiladas contents, and I chose one of each: chicken, seasoned potato, and queso fresca and onion. I enjoyed the sauce on the enchiladas; it was almost like the tortillas were dipped in the sauce before being rolled. The chicken was a tad dry and the potatoes could have been seasoned a tad more. Overall though, they were good and I could taste the authenticity. The queso fresca was nice and light, and paired greatly with the fresh toppings.

I would like to mention the two dishes Margie and I normally order because I think they are so amazing I would like each of you to try them when you visit Tu Casa. Margie’s go to dish is the Bistec A la Meixicana. It features Ribeye steak, which is always very tender, cooked with onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. It does have spice but can be enjoyed by anyone who does not mind a little flavor. If you avoid, or ask to omit the jalapenos, which I think would take away from the dish, you would be extremely safe. If you like steak and spice this dish will have your mouth begging for more.

My personal favorite to order from Tu Casa is the Pechuga de Pollo en Salsa Arbol. Chicken breast in their spicy Arbol sauce. This dish is full of flavor and perfect for anyone who enjoys a little heat with their meal. The spice is intense and seems to grow with each bite. That being said, it is not something in my experience that will leave you in any discomfort. They again offer your choice of corn or flour tortillas and serve it with a small salad and rice and beans. I would recommend adding some of the beans to your tortilla. The sauce is so delicious that I order extra tortillas just so I can clean the plate. If you are up for a little spice, this dish will be one of your favorites.

A quick note on some of the other features that Tu Casa offers. You will always be greeted and seated both quickly and in a friendly manner. The establishment is cleaner than any place I can recall. The salsa is so fresh and has the perfect amount of spice you may be tempted to drink it but will more than likely settle for ordering a container to go. The service during your meal is always friendly and after a few visits they will remember you. Tu Casa is a great place to take the whole family. 

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