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Gouda, Gouda, Gouda

Six years ago Tina and Katherine Tonn lived in Nina, Wisconsin and decided to start their food truck adventure. For the time being, they used a kitchen in Milwaukee, which called for a lot of traveling; eventually, commuting got to be enough. Less than two years ago, they moved into Eleven25 at Pabs…

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Sushi-Go... And Get The Biggest Sushi Burito Ever

I went to the Westown Farmer’s Market at Ziedlers Union Square last Wednesday to check out the Sushi-Go food truck. It’s co-owned by Erik Irmiger and Amanda Trenbeth. I asked Erik what’s their most popular dish. He responded with, “Pretty much any of our Sushi Burritos – they make up about 80 percen…

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Blue Cows Crepes - Not Just Sweet, But Savory Too

While I was at Taste of Mequon, I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Schalk, the sole owner of The Blue Cow Creperie food truck. Peter serves up both sweet and savory crepes and has a large following – people who follow the truck and make an appearance at whatever event the truck is stationed at.

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Polish Heritage Served Up at The Stuffed Food Truck

On Saturday, September 9th, I went to was Taste of Mequon. Various vendors, restaurants and food trucks gathered outside of Mequon’s City Hall to show off their creations and serve up good food.

I went to the food truck, Stuffed, which specializes in athentic pierogis. The husband and wife team…

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Streetza - The Best Pizza Food Truck Around Town

On the last day of Chill on the Hill in Bay View, I visited the Streetza food truck. When I asked one of the owners, Scott Baitinger, what the fan favorite is, he said, “Definitely the Slice of Milwaukee.” So I said to myself, What the heck, I’ll try that. To be mentioned, the other owner is S…

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Lumpia City - A Twist on Philippino Spring Rolls

On Saturday, August 26th, I went to the Lumpia City food truck, stationed that day in the parking lot of Third Space Brewing.

The owners, Samantha Kilmaszewski and Alexa Reyes, say they’ve been to quite a few micro-breweries since they debuted their truck to Milwaukee in May of this year. T…

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The Only Charcoal Fired Food Truck - Wickedly Good

I went to the Wicked Urban Grill food truck last week at Lake Park to review their fish fry. I was shocked to see that the fish and chips on the hand written chalkboard was crossed out. I asked Geoffrey Cooper, one of the chefs of this three man food truck, what that was about.

“We had over 65 or…

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Can't wait to try this--sounds SOOOOOO good! Randy's is the BEST!

Such a great review I will try it out. Any idea if they have Gluten free options?

Very nice!

I just wish I could have taken a look before publication. There are quite a few typos, including misspelling Erik's name at one point.

Chef Jonathan continues to bring the best tastes to the area. I've been a fan for a long time and am never disappointed. My favorite chef anywhere.

Exquisitely written