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A Tasty Twist On Authentic Cuisine

Pineapples actually have a little history behind them and symbolize warm welcomes, friendship and hospitality.  The legend began with sea captains returning home with fruits, spices and rum. To let friends know of their safe return, and to invite them into his home, the sea captain would place a pin…

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Shawarma House

After a long day of car repairs, working out and grocery shopping I decided to try a restaurant that I had my eye on for a while, Shawarma House. They have three locations in Milwaukee, Brookfield and the location I tried in Greenfield. The location I visited used to be the home of the Route 76 dine…

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Nite Owl - Get There Early!

Nite Owl is a family run business and has been around since 1948. It’s located at 830 E. Layton Avenue. There is nostalgia all over the walls, many old signs, even one of what was County Stadium. One can’t help but visualize the years that have gone by just through the posters and pictures on wall.…

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Van Guard

This is as real as Wisconsin gets, tucked away in the heart of downtown Bayview area stands Van Guard, located at 2659 south Kinnickinnic avenue. Vanguard opened in 2014 and is locally owned. This restaurant strictly sells all sausages and with the deep Italian, polish and German heritage in Milwauk…

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Lala's Place.. Si, Si, Por Favor!

In the small town of Cudahy lies a little piece of Mexico that doesn't beckon the larger cities but is more of a resemblance of a smaller village straight out of Mexico. Lala’s Place, located at 3470 E. Layton Avenue,  is a small cafe which seats about 25 people- and yet the parking lot only has 8 s…

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Southside Gem Perfect for a Cocktail

Here at Chow Down in Milwaukee we like to discover unique local restaurants that may otherwise escape your attention. One such place was brought to my attention recently. McKiernan’s Irish Pub & Grill located at 2066 s 37th st in Milwaukee is a place you would not be likely to find unless you are …

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A Tropical View in the Heart of Bay View

Last week my beautiful lady, Margie, surprised with a date in Bay View. Knowing that I can be the poster child for Seasonal Affective Disorder, she decided to take me somewhere with a tropical theme to help take away my winter blues. Her choice was the aptly named Sabor Tropical. Described as a Lati…

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