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Camino, Now Open

Do you have a news app on your phone? I do and usually it provides only mildly useful information. I learn what politician is saying what about whom. I learn what new tragedy is facing us in this unpredictable year. On occasion I can also learn what the Kardashians are up to. Once in a while this ap…

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Senor Sol

Our review started by looking for an authentic ethnic restaurant around Milwaukee. We settled on Senor Sol, in West Allis, located at 8129 W Greenfield Avenue. Conveniently, there is parking in the back of the restaurant so you don’t have to look for street parking.

You can tell even before you…

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A Taste Of The East, Found In The West

This evening began with a plan to try a new restaurant that we had just heard opened in West Allis where I live. These plans were rendered null and void upon our discovery that the restaurant was a take-out and delivery only. Standing outside in the cold, my love Margie and I had to make a quick dec…

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A Farm to Table Restuarant

Tonight I joined my boyfriend’s family for dinner at The Farmers Wife, located in West Allis at 6533 West Mitchell Street. I was happy to hear they are a farm to table restaurant, meaning they try their best to get all or most of their ingredients from locally sourced vendors. This is a great way to…

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Run, Don't Crawl,To Crawdaddy's

I would like to begin this review with the statement most often uttered during our visit. This statement in some form or another was voiced by almost every person in attendance. This was, “Normally I don’t like_____ but here it is really good!”

The here in question would be the new Crawdadd…

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Healthy, Fresh And Filling, Urban Joe's

Growing up in the city of West Allis during the 1980’s I recall our dining options to be somewhat limited. There were a few fast food options, some chain restaurants (I still miss Big Boy) and that was pretty much it. With the rebirth of the city the last few years much has changed. There are a few …

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First Watch Is A Breakfast Lovers Haven

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. To that end, I am forever searching for new and wonderful places to enjoy this meal. I found myself driving out to the town of Brookfield this morning to enjoy a blissful breakfast with Margie. We chose First Watch. First Watch is a cha…

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Quality Grows From Wild Roots

The city of West Allis has been quietly undergoing a significant food renaissance. One of the most recent additions is something special and unique everyone owes it to themselves to discover. In the building at 6807 W. Becher that housed the now defunct Ka-Bob’s Bistro, Wild Roots have sprouted. Not…

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Brewing Up A Feeling Of Community

This website helps you explore local and unique places that not only add to but define the communities they serve and are a part of. Normally, we will guide you to havens of culinary bliss. This review will be somewhat different. The place I reviewed does not serve any food except for a few snacks. …

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2Mesa Is Your Home Away From Home

This was one of the most eagerly anticipated food reviews I have done. Not only was it planned in advance, at a place I had not only never been, but never heard of before, it was also Mexican food which is always a plus, but most importantly, Margie and I were having the honor of meeting the creator…

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