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Run, Don't Crawl,To Crawdaddy's

I would like to begin this review with the statement most often uttered during our visit. This statement in some form or another was voiced by almost every person in attendance. This was, “Normally I don’t like_____ but here it is really good!”

The here in question would be the new Crawdadd…

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Healthy, Fresh And Filling, Urban Joe's

Growing up in the city of West Allis during the 1980’s I recall our dining options to be somewhat limited. There were a few fast food options, some chain restaurants (I still miss Big Boy) and that was pretty much it. With the rebirth of the city the last few years much has changed. There are a few …

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First Watch Is A Breakfast Lovers Haven

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. To that end, I am forever searching for new and wonderful places to enjoy this meal. I found myself driving out to the town of Brookfield this morning to enjoy a blissful breakfast with Margie. We chose First Watch. First Watch is a cha…

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Quality Grows From Wild Roots

The city of West Allis has been quietly undergoing a significant food renaissance. One of the most recent additions is something special and unique everyone owes it to themselves to discover. In the building at 6807 W. Becher that housed the now defunct Ka-Bob’s Bistro, Wild Roots have sprouted. Not…

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Brewing Up A Feeling Of Community

This website helps you explore local and unique places that not only add to but define the communities they serve and are a part of. Normally, we will guide you to havens of culinary bliss. This review will be somewhat different. The place I reviewed does not serve any food except for a few snacks. …

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2Mesa Is Your Home Away From Home

This was one of the most eagerly anticipated food reviews I have done. Not only was it planned in advance, at a place I had not only never been, but never heard of before, it was also Mexican food which is always a plus, but most importantly, Margie and I were having the honor of meeting the creator…

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Much More Than An Award-Winning Shop

I begin this article with a slight feeling of trepidation. I am about to reveal what I believe to be a hidden local gem. West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe at 6832 w. Becher street. Personally, I came across this culinary jewel while on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood. I had driven by and not…

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It Takes A Family To Run A Village

Today’s review features another great new addition to the vast choice of Mexican restaurants available in the city. Only a few blocks

From our house, Mexican Village Restaurant has taken over the spot 3161 s. 92nd street. On the corner of 92nd and Beloit. This spot had previously housed the Asi…

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Because Great Food And Service Should Be A Tradition

There are few places I consider as venerable as Traditional Pancake House. It is located at 5121 s 76th street across from Southridge mall in Greendale. My earliest memories were going there as a young man with my grandfather. The owner’s daughter Sandra occasionally stopped to do business with me a…

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Paulie's Pizzeria

In my eternal quest for great pizza I decided to take my Margie on a date to the new Uncle Paulie’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. Located on 76th street just north of Layton Ave in the location of the old Mad Dog Saloon. Owned by Jack Riccobono along with his brother Dominic and business partner Scott Willia…

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